I have various raster files. I am using following code in R to calculate mean of all the cell values of a raster file. For some rasters, it is giving NA value, however the rasters do have the data.

What could be the reason for this and how can I resolve it?

ff = list.files(path="F:/Test1/", pattern=".tif$", full.names=TRUE)
rl = lapply(ff, function(x) rast(x))
means1 = lapply(rl, function(x) global(x, 'mean'))
means2 = do.call(rbind.data.frame, means1)

write.csv(means2, 'F:/Test1/avg.csv')

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Try adding na.rm=TRUE to accommodate NAs in your raster.

means1 = lapply(rl, function(x) global(x, 'mean', na.rm=TRUE)) 

If your rasters have the same extent and resolution you can simplify this to

r <- rast(ff)
global(r, "mean", na.rm=TRUE)

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