I want to create a utility network in ArcGIS Pro. I am using the Create Utility Network tool and the tool wants me to Specify a polygon feature class that is necessarily Z- and M- enabled for the Service Territory Feature Class parameter. I have no idea about that. How can I do this??

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The Create Utility Network (Utility Network) documentation says in its Summary:

Creates a utility network in an enterprise, file, or mobile geodatabase feature dataset.

A utility network is created and a structure network, with its collection of feature classes, is added to the target feature dataset.

Then in its Usage:

The Service Territory Feature Class parameter value must exist in the input feature dataset and must be z- and m-enabled.

Then in its Parameters section that the service_territory_feature_class is:

The existing polygon feature class that will be used to create the utility network's geographical extent. Utility network features cannot be created outside of this extent.

The feature class must be z- and m-enabled.

The z- and m-enabled polygon feature class that you wish use to create your utility network's geographical extent is something that you will need to identify and/or prepare from amongst the datasets that you are planning to use to create your utility network.

If you are new to creating a utility network then you may wish to go through the Get started with a utility network in ArcGIS tutorial.

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