I'd like to sum up values from a point layer in my polygon layer from points lying within the polygon. I only found it with the processing toolbox, but that creates a new layer. But I just want to make a new field in my polygon layer that updates when I place a new point. My case: I have a polygon layer with many forests to plant and I want to calculate the number of trees to plant. I have the number in te polygons and in de point layer (tree clusters within the forest polygon). But I need to subtract the number of the (tree clusters) in the polygons. I tried something like this to get the amount of tree clusters in the polygon, but it did not work:

aggregate( layer:='Aanplant_punt_v01', aggregate:='sum', expression:='amount', filter:= contains($geometry, geometry(@parent)))

I do not know if I'm thinking in the right direction.

enter image description here

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your expression should be as follows:

aggregate( layer:='Aanplant_punt_v01', aggregate:='sum',
expression:="amount", filter:= within($geometry, geometry(@parent)))

the expression is a field and must be in double quotations, and the filter must be within, since your parentlayer is the polygon layer

  • Waaw super, thank you for the quick response. It works (I was almost there ;-) )
    – Jonathan
    Commented Jun 21, 2023 at 8:44

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