I am trying to create a tool in the QGIS modeler. The idea is to select lines within an area by hand (e.g. select features by polygon) and the first step of the tool would be to select/extract all parcels (polygons) crossed by lines.

However, as you can see from the screenshot, there is no way to "ignore invalid geometry" for selected lines in the modeler tool.

enter image description here

In comparison, this is what the "regular" tool looks like, and it has the wrench symbol to let me change the settings:

enter image description here

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For QGIS 3.32 and above.

When you run the model, you can click the "Advanced" button and change the default invalid feature filtering behaviour.

enter image description here

  • "Algorithm Settings..." is not listed for me. Do I have to activiate that somewhere?
    – ibdmn
    Jul 3, 2023 at 10:48
  • It's only available when running the model, not when opening the tool while editing the model.
    – user2856
    Jul 3, 2023 at 13:01
  • I tried it when running the model, does not show. What version of QGIS are you using? I'm on 3.30
    – ibdmn
    Jul 3, 2023 at 13:12
  • Using version 3.32
    – user2856
    Jul 3, 2023 at 13:15
  • Trying to fix that with an update - this feature is however not listed in the documentation (docs.qgis.org/testing/en/docs/user_manual/processing/…)
    – ibdmn
    Jul 3, 2023 at 13:26

You could place an algorithm in front of extracting, which a) fix invalid Geometries or b) remove them.

Another option would be to trigger all these algorithms with PyQGIS, then you will have the same parameters as when you run manually.

  • Yes I know, but we actually "need" the objects even with the invalid geometries. They are created by a third party program to be used in AutoCAD
    – ibdmn
    Jul 5, 2023 at 7:35

I think I just found the best solution for now. It is possible to change the preset of algorithms to ignore invalid geometries.

Settings > Processing > General > filter invalid objects > Ignore objects with invalid geometry

But I recommend to be cautios with that change, it might mess with some plugins and you should know your data well.

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