In my project I work with the German letters ü, ö, ß, ä, etc. I joined my shapefile with tables (Excel, CSV). For showing the German letters above I need an encoding that displays these. I chose ISO-8859-15 or ISO-8859-1 as with the standard UTF-8 these are not shown correctly. In my QGIS project everything works fine. But when import in QField the encoding does not work anymore.

I know UTF-8 is standard for QField, but has anyone an idea how I can work with the German letters?

Any other encoding works in QField for German letters?

Or is there anything that makes German letters works in UTF-8 in CSV in QGIS?

  • Have you solved you problem or not yet? If you have found working solution, please, describe it here as an answer.
    – KVO
    Commented Jul 7, 2023 at 6:16

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With a lot of wild trying I solved the problem. If the csv are added with the browser instead with "Add Layer...", it works in QField. In result in the properties of the tables it is a different path and memory. As the memory "Delimited text file" it does not work. Only with "CSV". Then the encoding is irrelevant.

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