When using the arcpy.ga.JoinFeatures to write the joined feature to the memory workspace, I get error

ERROR 001409: Failed to write to the output location when writing output.


                           attribute_relationship='pk fk',

I've tried using r'in_memory\temp' and also setting the arcpy.env.workspace to 'memory' and passing the layer name only. All with the same error.

No issue on writing to a file geodatabase.

My gut is that it is an issue with the tools in geoanalyst which support multiprocessing through Spark - but i've not yet tried any other tools in the geoanalyst toolbox.

Unfortunately, due to my organsations convoluted licensing and support arrangements with ESRI, I am unable to raise this issue with ESRI or ask on their forums.

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Per the Considerations for Geoanalytic Desktop tools help --

GeoAnalytics Desktop tools do not support the memory workspace.

  • Thanks. Imagine a world where ESRI start providing usefully informative error messages. ... Jul 26 at 16:01

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