I'm trying to run one of LAStools open source commands on a .laz file I have. I have installed the plugin in QGIS v. 3.28, and have downloaded the LAStools-master folder available through GitHub (https://github.com/LAStools/LAStools). In the documentation they say that the 'lasinfo' algorithm is open source.

In processing, I've set the LAStools value to the LAStools-master directory, but am not able to use any of the functions.

Can't seem to find any recent solutions, and all solutions from 2+ years ago aren't working for me.

Something I noticed that may or may not be of interest, is that running lasinfo runs from 'LAStools\bin\lasinfo -i', but the C++ code for the function is in LAStools\src?

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If you have a "LAStools-master" directory, you probably downloaded master.zip which contains the source code only, not the executables. Go to the release page, download LASTools.zip and point the QGIS processing plugin at the extracted directory (not the bin subdirectory).

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