I'm working with QGIS and I'm not super familiar with that. I created a Shapefile with several polylines. In some cases, my polylines do not match each other directly. For further proceedings, I would like that that line to match at the next point. The overlapping line I would like to adjust to the next line. To example underneath:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Any idea how I could do this best?

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You can enable the snapping and use the vertex tool to edit the string layer, than it's just a matter of editing the layer and putting all the vertexes you want together.

First you must activate the Snapping toolbar: First you must activate the Snapping toolbar

Than you must turn it on just by clicking on it: Than you must turn it on just by clicking on it

And finally just activate the editing of the layer you want to correct and enable the vertex tool: enter image description here

Than you just select the vertex you want to move and connect with the snapping tool turned onenter image description here

It's my first answer here, hope it helps!

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