While selecting pixels having specific values using following code,

////////////////// Dynamic World ////////////////////////
var dw = ee.ImageCollection('GOOGLE/DYNAMICWORLD/V1')
             .filterDate('2023-01-01', '2023-03-31')

// Select label layer
var classification = dw.select('label');
var dwComposite = classification.reduce(ee.Reducer.mode());
var water = dwComposite.filter(ee.Filter.or(
  ee.Filter.eq('label_mode', 0),
  ee.Filter.eq('label_mode', 8)

I'm having the following error,

Line 17: dwComposite.filter is not a function

please help me to get the desired output.

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I got the desired output by following corrections,

var water =dwComposite.eq(0).or(dwComposite.eq(8))
Map.addLayer(water, {}, 'water');


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