I've been trying to clip a raster data but the output each time has different band values resulting in different symbology.

I checked online and it seems there is no applicable solution, and I even saw some Youtube videos where such output was used as it was.

I'm new to this and I don't want to proceed with my analysis to later find out the difference in the band values has tampered with the results.

Is a clipped raster output any different from the parent raster file of different band values using ArcMap?

enter image description here


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In ArcGIS for Desktop you can trick the renderer by copying the statistics of the larger raster, to do so:

  1. Export the statistics of the raster you're trying to match to an XML file Instructions
  2. Set the properties of the raster using Set Raster Properties or by the properties dialog of the raster.

Take these 4 1 km tiles for example, each will load with the correct statistics for the file which will be different to adjacent tiles so you can clearly see the tile edges:

Before copying statistics

After copying the statistics from one file to the 3 others:

After copying statistics

This trick should work with ArcGIS Pro.

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