Related to this and this questions, having the following table, I would like to select just one row per minute:


I have tried this expression, unsuccessfully:

time = array_min (array_agg ( time, group_by:=ele))

How should I tweak it in order to just get one row per minute, as in here?

11/7/23 01:47:XX
11/7/23 01:48:XX
11/7/23 01:49:XX

(Note that the seconds are not important, they can be anything between 00 and 59).

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I have a datetime field named time.

This will select first occurrence of each minute (each year.month.day_hour.minute),

ordered by time. Change "time" to the name of your datetime field.

array_agg(expression:=$id, group_by:=format_date( "time", 'yy.MM.dd_hh.mm'), order_by:="time"))=$id

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