QGIS used to allow me to load a GPX file into Qfield through "add vector layer". Now there is an option to add a GPX dataset but my file will not add.

Here's what I've tried. First I converted a Gpkg file into a GPX file with by "save as" and "GPS_USE_EXTENSION" as 'yes':

enter image description here

It didn't add the file to the map, so I tried to re-add the GPX file into the project to check that it was rendering. It didn't work by trying to add the GPS file as a vector. I tried the GPS option. In the GPS option it asked me to choose waypoints, routes or tracks. I have tried all and none of them bring up the data. All give a data source error.

enter image description here


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    If you have the data as gpkg why do you want to add it to qfield (or qgis) as gpx ?
    – J.R
    Commented May 26 at 16:28

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Make sure your GPX file encoding is UTF-8. Open your GPX file in a text editor such as NotePad++. Under the Encoding menu, select UTF-8, then Save the file. enter image description here

or in Windows Powershell:

PS Get-Content .\mygpx.gpx | Set-Content -Encoding utf8 mygpx-utf8.gpx

Then try opening in QGIS again.

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