I am trying to extract UTM coordinates (in meters) of every pixel in a TIFF file using the following syntax in Python.

tifImage = rasterio.open(tif_file)
dx = tifImage.transform[0]
dy = tifImage.transform[4]
ulx = tifImage.transform[2]
uly = tifImage.transform[5]

Then I can calculate UTM of any pixel by using pixel location, width of each pixel and upper left pixel location.

In some files I get correct UTM values as a set of numbers in meters (EW: 789522.5815 NS: 2364415.745) but in some other files, I am getting numbers that seem to be decimal representations of GPS Lat/Longs like (18.8202568671686, 74.0741268192744) and not the UTM values.

How can I address this? I would like to get the coordinates for all the TIFF files. I could not quite figure out the CRS argument and may be that is something I need to do.

Would you recommend to use GDAL?


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You can reproject your lon, lat coordinates to UTM. Here's an example of grabbing the x, y coords in raster CRS, then reprojecting to UTM.

import geopandas as gpd
import numpy as np
import rasterio as rio

# My UTM CRS is Zone 55 South,
# find yours on epsg.io or from an existing dataset in correct projection
utm_crs = 28355

with rio.open(f"raster.tif", "r") as ds:

    crs = ds.crs
    cols, rows = np.meshgrid(np.arange(ds.width), np.arange(ds.height))
    xs, ys = rio.transform.xy(ds.transform, rows, cols)

# Create reprojected point geometries
points = gpd.points_from_xy(xs[0], ys[0], crs=crs).to_crs(utm_crs)

# Make a simple list
xys = [[p.x, p.y] for p in points] 


Credit for using a numpy meshgrid to get coordinates using rasterio.transform.xy without looping from this answer by @intotecho

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