I have a KML layer on my map. I want to have a customized popup that will appear on click of placemark on my KML layer. I want to have customized fields in my popup.

I am using C++ qt SDK and tried to create the popup (as shown in the below code), but it is not working properly, It still gives me a default popup with the placemark city name (Attaching result below).


  for (GeoElement* geoElement : elements)
    QJsonObject root;
    root["Name"] = "Sample1";
    root["Age"] = "20";
    root["city"] = "Mumbai";
    QJsonDocument doc(root);
    QList<PopupElement*> elist;
    QString strJson(doc.toJson(QJsonDocument::Compact));
    PopupElement* ele = PopupElement::fromJson(strJson,this);
    PopupDefinition* popdef = new PopupDefinition(geoElement);
    Popup* popup = new Popup(geoElement, popdef);
    // create a popup manager
    PopupManager* popupManager = new PopupManager{popup, this};
    // append popup manager to list
    // notify QML that m_popupManagers has changed and to display the popup(s).
    emit popupManagersChanged();

} }


enter image description here

  • Added code lines, also attached output popup. Aug 8 at 12:55


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