I can extract values from raster by "raster to points" tool but I need to find values of surrounding eight pixels to the central pixel. And I need to do this for all pixels so I could put in a formula and create a new raster layer. However, I don't understand how to extract pixel values from the surrounding pixels in QGIS.

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    In what format do you want them? As eight columns in the point layer?
    – BERA
    Aug 15, 2023 at 5:26
  • Do you want the sum of surrounding pixels? Average?
    – Joe Be
    Aug 15, 2023 at 8:26
  • Isn't the Raster Calculator exactly what you are looking for? Extracting pixel values and putting them in a formula and creating a new raster? [docs.qgis.org/3.28/en/docs/user_manual/working_with_raster/… Aug 15, 2023 at 12:17
  • I want the average value of eight surrounding pixels for each pixel. Raster calculator does give me values but how would I know the surrounding pixels from the sheet? I want them in a format that can copy pasted, So could be in point file with attributes or in a table format. I just don't know an efficient way to extract them in the way I want. Aug 15, 2023 at 22:21

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If you're just looking to put the result into a new raster layer, you can do that in one step using (for example) r.neighbors, from the Processing Toolbox.

enter image description here

Use the Neighborhood operation "average" with a weights file of:

1 1 1 
1 0 1
1 1 1

That will compute the average of the 8 cells surrounding each cell and store it in a new raster:

enter image description here -> enter image description here

If you want to do a different operation than the one you've described, you can use a different weights file.

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