Using a front end Map UI, I have selected a polygon and received all the Lat/Long points from it. I want to send this data to a PostgreSQL PostGIS database table that has rows which stores a geometry Point in a column. I need to select all the rows that are inside of the polygon. How do I put the external polygon points into the SQL statement and pull the correct data?

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I found the answer:

SELECT * FROM Your_Table
  WHERE ST_Within(geom, 
    ST_GeometryFromText('POLYGON((-104.53798595055618 31.54712467875706,
        -102.48477288296839 31.289207699238165,
        -102.68445701550822 30.006579157844246,
        -104.3434563387951 30.233933113969798,
        -104.53798595055618 31.54712467875706))',4326)

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