I need to draw a lot of buildings from a city in Latin America, a friend of mine told me that he saw someone using a plug-in to draw buildings automatically with some errors but he doesn't know which plug-in is, so do you know if that plug-in exists or what can I do to make this task easier.

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There is a plugin called Mapflow. Using QGIS 3.28.8 you can install it under Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins. You can easily import a basemap, zoom-in to your area of interest and then click the icon and follow the image attached: flowchart

The results: Initial basemap: before

Results of the plugin: after

The results aren't 100% accurate. You still need manual inspection, but the plugin does a pretty good job. Keep in mind that the bigger the area of interest the longer it will take to finish the processing.

  • Thank you so much, I will give it a try
    – tetofero
    Aug 24, 2023 at 18:01
  • 2
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    – Nikos
    Aug 24, 2023 at 18:20

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