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I am using QGIS to interact two layers. The first layer is geometrical shapes representing contiguous counties. The second layer is given by calls to emergency services. I would like the first layer to change gradient color according to the count of emergency services within that county.

Is it possible to do this through QGIS, or shall I aggregate these in an outside environment?

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In QGIS, you can give the polygons a new field based on the values of the points contained within them, then you can use symbology to symbolize.

To join the attributes

Go to Vector > Data Management Tools > Join Attributes by Location

In Join to Features in select your polygon layer

Under Features they select contain

In By comparing to select your point layer

In Fields to add select the fields you'd like to symbolize with the color gradient

Click Run

To Symbolize

Right click on the layer and hit Properties, navigate to the Symbology tab, and play around with the setting to find what you'd like.

If you need further assistance with color gradient symbology, I'd suggest just googling it, because that it something that will be very easy to find resources on.


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