I am experiencing a problem while serving an image via WMS (Mapserver). The image is translated (gdal_translate) with gcp and then warped (gdal_warp) to 4326. The issue is that the image is shown correctly in QGIS, but when I try to serve it via a Mapserver WMS it is not displayed. When the WMS is added to QGIS I can "zoom to extent" correctly, but the image is blank (filename: usr_14_upld_1063_sn_0.JPG).

I have a similar image (usr_14_upld_1064_sn_0.JPG) in the same approximate area which is displayed correctly via QGIS (simply added and as a WMS).

The same happens when I try to store the image via Mapserver's shp2img.exe shp2img states:

[Sat Aug 26 09:46:12 2023].271000 msDrawRasterLayerGDAL(): Entering transform. [Sat Aug 26 09:46:12 2023].271000 msDrawRasterLayerGDAL(): no apparent overlap between map view and this window(1). [Sat Aug 26 09:46:12 2023].271000 msDrawMap(): Layer 0 (UPLD_MOSAIC_1063), 0.017s

I have placed the relevant files into this shared folder for testing.

Can you shed some light into this matter?

  • Can't see anything obvious, probably something for MapServer issues
    – nmtoken
    Commented Aug 31, 2023 at 11:59

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I downloaded the test files and tried a map2img command with MapServer 8.0.1 and got a blank image. I think there is a problem with the XML metadata file. If you make a copy of usr_14_upld_1064_sn_0.JPG.aux.xml and rename it usr_14_upld_1063_sn_0.JPG.aux.xml (replacing the original), then I get output:

map2img -m test.map -conf C:\MapServer\apps\mapserver.conf -o test.jpg

enter image description here

I made one change to the Mapfile by adding SIZE 1000 1000.

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