I'm trying to field calculate a text field & add digits to it from a 32 bit integer field, by using the expression "ID"+"Fiber Capa" in QGIS 3.28. But the error message

An error occurred while evaluating the calculation string: Cannot convert 'C051-A-' to double

pops up. I'm trying to update the text field so not sure why the message says I'm trying to convert to double.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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The error says so, because you are using a + operator. This implies you want to do a mathematical calculation; therefore the attempt to convert the string to double. You could force QGIS to not do that, by converting the number to a string in the first place: "ID"+to_string("Fiber Capa").

But more common, if you want to concatenate, just use || or the function concat() instead: "ID"||"Fiber Capa" or concat("ID","Fiber Capa")

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