In QGIS, I am using WGS 84 UTM 43 EPSG 3263 for both Project and Basemap of Google Satellite Hybrid.

Now when I navigate to my home location in Basemap, with Lat Lon tool I captured the coordinates which showed me this result: 2825537.85691968, 8206411.02187792

But when I go on Google Earth and navigate to my same home location, I get these coordinate details in degree: Latitude 24.590745°, Longitude 73.719637°

enter image description here

Why is QGIS not showing coordinate values as Google Earth? How to convert latitude and longitude values in degrees to the values compatible with QGIS canvas?

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Go to Project - Properties - General and change the display coordinates option to WGS 84 - degree. For more details, check the official doumentation.

  • I did it. And it is displaying coordinate in degree form in status bar. But the problem is this that still the coordinates which are displayed when I roll over to my home location are not as my home location in google earth
    – HNA
    Sep 5 at 12:28
  • 24.59°N 73.71°E points to the area depicted in your screenshot. Where do you end up when entering those coordinates @HNA?
    – Erik
    Sep 5 at 13:19

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