I am trying to download images from Landsat's EVI collection off of Google Earth Engine. I saw another similar post here: EVI or NDVI collection image download that talked about the same issue. One response was to create a "for loop", which I have done. When I run my code though, nothing happens. I get no errors but also nothing is downloaded and there are no tasks. What am I doing wrong? I am new to google earth engine.

// Exporting Landsat 8 Images

var roi = ee.Geometry.Rectangle([-150.0, 8.0, -34.0, 84.0]);

// Load EVI collection
var eviCol = ee.ImageCollection("LANDSAT/LC08/C01/T1_8DAY_EVI") 
.filterDate('2022-05-01', '2022-08-31')

var eviList = eviCol.toList(eviCol.size());

var colorizedVis = {
  min: 0,
  max: 1,
  palette: [
    'ffffff', 'ce7e45', 'df923d', 'f1b555', 'fcd163', '99b718', '74a901',
    '66a000', '529400', '3e8601', '207401', '056201', '004c00', '023b01',
    '012e01', '011d01', '011301'

for (var i = 0; i < eviCol.size().getInfo; i++) {
  var image = ee.Image(eviList.get(i));
  // Add the colorized EVI layer to the map
  Map.addLayer(image.clip(roi), colorizedVis, 'Colorized');
  // Export to Drive with consistent visualization settings
    image: image,
    description: 'Landsat2022_NA' + i,
    scale: 30,
    region: roi,

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There are three issues with your code in the dataset and the for loop.

  1. According to the documentation, there is no data after 2022-01-01. However, you have given date range after that period.

  2. There is no 'CLOUD_COVER' property in the image collection. You can check from the documentation.

  3. In the for loop, parenthesis is missing after the getInfo() method. The correct one would be eviCol.size().getInfo()

  • This worked. Thank you! I see what you are saying about the date availability and cloud cover properties now. I will be sure to double check these details in the future. Sep 15, 2023 at 18:53

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