I am using QGIS 3.32.0

I am having trouble explaining the problem and it is pretty minor. I will provide a screenshot and you will instantly understand what I am talking about. The parcel with the water is the one I am selecting, as you can see its neighboring parcels to its northeast and west are drawn on top of the cyan selection line. I cannot figure out how I would adjust this setting so that the selected polygon is always drawn "on top" of the parcels it shares boundaries with

Screenshot of QGIS

  • If it's just a quick need to highlight a singe feature you can use the identify tool. It would be nice if there was a project setting in QGIS so that selected features are rendered on top by default for all layers which I recall as being so in ArcGIS, but it's been awhile.
    – John
    Sep 14 at 20:50

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The selection is just a style, it doesn't change the rendering order so the selected geometry may be above/below others.

You can instruct the layer to draw the selection on top of other features using is_selected():

enter image description here

PS: it is mostly needed when only the outlines are drawn

  • well I got there two minutes too late ^^ Sep 14 at 14:02
  • @LouisCottereau oui, your original approach was a bit too over-complicated |-)
    – JGH
    Sep 14 at 14:10

I had never noticed it did that. enter image description here

You can modify the rendering behavior under the "Layer Properties" -> "Symbology" -> "Layer Rendering" -> "Control feature rendering order" as follows:

enter image description here enter image description here

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