I create a Leaflet map containing some base maps and overlay maps. I want to organize the layer control so that these two parts separated by a title, so I want to have such a view on my layer control:


  • Satellite
  • OSM

Personal Maps

  • Cities
  • Markets
  • Parks

How can I do such design? My code as below does not work:

var Basemaps = {
    "OSM": OSM,
    'Google Satellite':googleSat,
var overlayMaps = {
    "Cities": Cities, 
    "Markets": Markets,
    "Parks": Parks

var layerControl=L.control.layers(Basemaps, overlayMaps, {
    collapsed: false,
    baseLayersLabel: 'Base Layers',
    overlayLayersLabel: 'Overlayed Maps'

I add overlay maps from external JavaScript files.

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I solved that. I should add the code below in head part:

<script src="https://rawgithub.com/ismyrnow/Leaflet.groupedlayercontrol/master/src/leaflet.groupedlayercontrol.js"></script>

and then use that layers as follows:

// Overlay layers are grouped
var groupedOverlays = {
    SelectType: {
    Type1Layer: L1,
    Type2Layer: L2
    SelectCategory: {
    Category1: L3,
    Category2: L4

L.control.groupedLayers(Basemaps, groupedOverlays).addTo(map);

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