How can I merge not overlapping polygons? I'm trying to set up a model that merges polygons that are within 500m from each other, at closest edge of the polygon.

I have tried with shortest line between features, but dont know how to extract the length from the line and add it to the polygons for so to try to use the merge polygon feature if that possible.

is there a easier way?

enter image description here

was looking for something like aggrigate polygons that you find in arcgis. Figured i coud use join attributes to nearest directly on the polygon and then remove duplicated.

  • if i use buffer the polygons are going to cover area that are not supposed to be a part in futher calculations.
    – Endre Aaen
    Sep 19 at 11:14
  • How is this supposed to work? If you have 3 polygons, for example, with one that is within 500m of the two others but the two others aren't, should all 3 be fused into 1? What if this is the case but for 50 polygons? Or are you expecting that fusion will happen only between polygon pairs with certain polygons being fused more than once?
    – Gabriel
    Sep 19 at 12:52

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Do you mean 500m from the closest points of two polygons, or centroids?

What about using buffer? You could create a layer that adds buffers of 250m based on your polygons. Then all buffer polygons that touch should be merged.

Then, one would need to keep track of which polygons in the buffered layer are merged and do a corresponding merge in the original layer, which would then be multipolygons.

Sorry if the answer is a bit unclear, it is just an idea of what you could try.

  • 1
    Answers should answer a Question. If all you have is questions for the OP, it is not yet Answer-ready.
    – Vince
    Sep 19 at 11:11

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