I'm trying to build a model that after a bunch of processing exports the raster attributes table to an excel file. To do this, I figure I need to first use the "Export table" tool, followed by the "Table to Excel" tool. When I do this outside of ModelBuilder, it works perfectly, but when I add the same steps to my model, for some reason the "export table" tool only includes the first digit of a number in its output. For example, this is the original raster attributes table:

raster attributes table

and here is the same table after it has been run through the model with with "Export table" tool:

attributes table after "export table" in the model

What I have tried:

  • Changing the Fields setting in the "export table" tool, including the Properties>type settings to ensure the numbers were output in long type (not that I thought this would work as the default settings of the tool are the same inside and outside of ModelBuilder)
  • Using the deprecated "Table to Table" tool, but this results in the same behaviour

Does anyone know what is happening here and how I can fix it? Any work-arounds?

  • 2
    Copy rows tool?
    – FelixIP
    Sep 20 at 23:26
  • @FelixIP This worked, thank you! If you post as an answer I can mark as accepted.
    – IA_arcGIS
    Sep 21 at 0:57
  • 2
    Self-answer is Ok, do it please. Yes, PRO is still very raw
    – FelixIP
    Sep 21 at 2:03

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Using the copy rows tool solved the problem in ModelBuilder.

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