I need Qgis to extract climate data informations which are layered into the maps. Moreoever, I got exact geospatial plot-information for all of the plots. So lets say I got in QGIS a map with 2500 plot-points, which are already named, from each of which Qgis can give me the desired value information (say Point 1322: 14,2 T°c/year ). The identifaction tool seems to work only per point, when I try to select the whole area QGis wont give me any informations whatsoever. How can I export the values linked to points?

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Seems like I solved it: I first needed to reproject the layers, since point and raster data were somehow based on different WGS. The add-on "Point sampling tool" then let me merge the informations from the raster file with the point-plot-informations. So now I got my desired climate information for each point.

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