I have a point file that details the number of items and their size at each feature. I would like to illustrate these features by generating the right number of points at the right size around the feature point. This needs to be done using symbology, so probably a geometry generator based approach. I can think of two possible approaches: 1-Generate a random offset for each of the n points, but I have no idea how to loop though a number of items generating a randomised location for each. 2-use a geometry generator to create a polygon then fill it with a point marker fill, this would be easier but not great and wouldn't give the right number of points and some might be cut in half

enter image description here

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    Please provide some example data, including max distance from your original point.
    – Erik
    Oct 5, 2023 at 7:50

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I solved this as follows: Use a geometry generator to create a polygon the size of which can be adjusted to control the density of the points. Then apply a random marker fill which allows expression based control of the size and number of points

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