I'd like to find a way in QGIS (plugin, script) to query a WMS service (Italian cadastral Agency) with specific parameters (municipality, map sheet, parcel no.) and pan/zoom to the selected feature.

  1. Queryable WMS URL https://wms.cartografia.agenziaentrate.gov.it/inspire/wms/ows01.php

  2. Example output of a GetFeatureInfo query in HTML of a point in the CP.CadastralParcel layer

WMS query

Looking at the InspireId localId field, the parameters I'd like to input and process to build the query are:

  • Municipality code: in the example is the string G273
  • Cadastral map sheet number: in the example is the string 003400
  • Cadastral parcel number: in the example is the string 1298

Starting from these 3 parameters given by the user, I think it should be composed a string similar to the one in the example IT.AGE.PLA.G273_003400.1298 to be used to query the WMS layer and select the corresponding feature, then pan/zoom to it.

I've found on the web this AJAX request that I think it could be used to parse the service for this purpose https://wms.cartografia.agenziaentrate.gov.it/inspire/ajax/ajax.php?op=getGeomPart&prov=%7B0%7D&cod_com=%7B1%7D&foglio=%7B2%7D&num_part=%7B3%7D%2F&tkn=%7B4%7D

In this article it could be found some further specifications https://medium.com/tantotanto/le-mappa-castali-diventano-finalmente-utilizzabili-821db2f84533


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You can't pan/zoom to a selected feature in a WMS, because a WMS doesn't expose any features, only an image representation of features.

A GetFeatureInfo request may retrieve multiple attributes, but only for those features that intersect the pixel point (x,y/i,j) in the retrieved image.

There is no way to go to any specific feature as part of a standard WMS request.

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