I have a few python scripts I would like to call from the QGIS Python console. It was working well until I attempted to separate some of the functions to another file -- the qgis.core modules are not available to the separate file.

Here's some of the code to explain what I mean. All of the files are in a folder called pyQgis:

from qgis.core import *
import sys
scripts = "..//pyQgis"
sys.path.append (scripts)

from other_file import get_elem

test = QgsProject.instance()

test_run = get_elem("cable_ht")


from qgis.core import *

def get_elem(layer_name):
    proj = QgsProject.instance()

The variable 'test' prints out okay. But the instance from the other file gives:

NameError: name 'QgsProject' is not defined

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You are not importing the other_file module (which include its from qgis.core import * line), but only its get_elem name definition, in a separate namespace in which QgsProject name is just not defined.

You can solve it in some ways. Depending on your package structure they can work or not. For instance:

# Import the module from a relative path
from . import other_file

# Call its function
test_run = other_file.get_elem("cable_ht")

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