We have a project for detecting vegetation change/vitality in Switzerland (NDVI/NBR based), where a few years ago, we decided against Sentinel 2 L2A products since there were a few known issues, e.g. overcorrection in steep terrain as documented in this answer.

Since the question of using L1C or L2A arose anew because of Landsat compatibility, I am wondering: Have there been significant improvements in the Sen2Cor algorithms 2021 up to now (2023) that would justify revisiting this decision?

I tried getting some info out of the current quality report and can tell that things have happened (e.g. updates in the processing baseline Dez. 2022), however as an "only occasional" user, I feel like I'm not able to judge: Did these updates bring significant improvements for (which?) actual applications, e.g. solving abovementioned problems? How do practitioners respond to these updates?


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