I am new to QGIS Server but I have a running installation QGIS Server with a standalone QWC2 webapp.

In QGIS Desktop I have created with several layers a layers-group-hierarchy where data features are rendered for each layer with rule-based symbols definitions (colors).

In QGIS Desktop those rule-based symobols are shown within the layers-group-hierarchy and each symbol "item/entry" is activatable / deactivatable individually. This is very helpful for selective visual data analysis.

When this QGIS Desktop project file is published in QGIS Server this ability of individual activatable / deactivatable symbols are "gone" and a single legend is rendered.

Is there any way, that this ability of QGIS Desktop can be maintained/configured also in QGIS Server or what would be a feasible workaround (beside creating for each symbol its own duplicate layer)?

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I don't know any workaround except creating layer duplicate for each symbol.

As you are using QWC2, you can also deploy QWC services and qwc-config-generator to help split categorized layers in a group layer with each symbol as a layer in it. You can start to deploy all the services with qwc-docker.

See this script and documentation

  • Many thanks. The mentioned scrip "categorize_groups_script.py" pointed me to correct direction. I adpoted it to run as standalone pyhton3 script.
    – relume
    Commented Nov 6, 2023 at 10:51

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