I am using Mapzen global terrain to create a topographic map.

How can I get a very simplified result like on the map of Greece? Should I use contours lines ? And how to smooth them ? (wich algorithm to use ?).

What I have:

enter image description here

What I want :

enter image description here

What I tried : strong text

Scale reduction in symbology (but i am still in raster mode)

enter image description here


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Solution 1: Discrete layer Styling

Simply create the effect using layer style: set it to singleband pseudocolor, choose a white to black color ramp and manually classify depending on the elevation values you want to group together:

See how to do it; additionally, I set a transparency value of 100% for values -9999 to 0 to render the sea transparent to make the OpenStreetMap background visible there: enter image description here

Solution 2: Reclassify

  1. Run Reclassify by Table and define the elevation values for which you want to groupt together to a single elevation class, e.g. like in the screenshot.

  2. To "smooth", use Majority filter, see this answer for details.

    Result after step 1, based on Mapzen Global Terrain and the reclassification table you can see: enter image description here

Solution 3: Contour polygons

Alternatively, you can create contour polygons:

  1. See this answer how to create contour polygons.

  2. As an option, use smooth() with Geoemtry Generator to get smoother forms.

    Contour polygons after step 1 with interval 500 meters, deleted those below sea level, color with data driven override > assistant set to field ELEV_MAX (automatically created by the contour polygon algorithm) and values from 0 to 3500 with a withe to black color ramp: enter image description here

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