I'm new here. I have version 3.16.3-Hannover at work and unfortunately I'm not allowed to update.

My QGIS has the following problem: I enter a label for a layer with a text size that has one decimal place (e.g. 8.5). Setting before saving

Then I save and close the project. And when opened the text size is set to 0. Setting after opening

Are there settings for this or how can I solve the problem other than editing the qgs file afterwards.

  • Have you considered using 8 or 9 pt as text size? Have you tried changing you language to english and then saving/opening the project?
    – Erik
    Nov 14, 2023 at 8:46
  • Yes, it works with 8 or 9, but the sizes are country specifications that we have to adhere to when creating maps. Unfortunately, changing the language didn't work either.
    – tscheche
    Nov 14, 2023 at 9:14
  • 2
    Perhaps you could try to set the font size by using a 'Datendefinierte Übersteurerung' (the button to the right of the field; Then: 'Bearbeiten'). This might override the value in the field. Note: There you will need to use a point instead of a comma.
    – peter
    Nov 14, 2023 at 9:29
  • The fact that the Data-defined override works means it is due to the transfer from the field. It also works with a new profile, so it's somewhere in my profile.
    – tscheche
    Nov 14, 2023 at 10:49

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I found the problem. It was due to the installed plugin “OSM Data Sync”. Because without the plugin, it keeps the text size with one decimal place

I reported an issue to the developer. OSM Data Sync - Issue #35

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