I have a script that changes the symbology to unique values, but I can't figure out how to adjust the width?

#isolate the symbology of the selected layer
sym = lyr.symbology #set the symbology as unique values
#specify the desired fields for the symbolizing
sym.renderer.fields = ['Attribute']
#select a colour ramp
colorRamp = aprx.listColorRamps("Voxel Tracks")[0]
#set the colour ramp
sym.renderer.colorRamp = colorRamp
#update the layer symbology
lyr.symbology = sym
symbol = lyr.symbology

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Checkout the Esri docs for Python CIM here.

I'm assuming it's ArcGIS Pro and version 3.0+

Here is an example. The definition described below is like JSON. I reccommmend setting symbology manually and then saving as a lyrx file, open this lyrx with a notepad and you can see the definition (under renderer)

## get the definition, like JSON. 
cim_lyr = lyr.getDefinition('V3')

## access the classes for the grouped symbology
group_classes = cim_lyr.renderer.groups[0].classes

## for each symbology class
for group_class in group_classes:
    ## access the symbology
    symb = group_class.symbol.symbol.symbolLayers[0]
    ## set the width to whatever number you want here
    symb.width = 4

## update the definition
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    Arc 2.9 and changing it to ('V2') everything worked, thank you!
    – Davec433
    Nov 27, 2023 at 16:55

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