I am using the raster calculator on QGIS to calculate a spectral index from a raster. The formula is the following (it says it's valid): ( "CASI_Noon_III@50" - "CASI_Noon_III@43" ) / ( "CASI_Noon_III@50" + "CASI_Noon_III@43" )

When I save the new calculated raster something like this appears New calculated raster

The raster doesn't show, same if I try to change the min/max rendering options.

The same happens if I only type in the raster calculator something like "CASI_Noon_III@50" that should work ok as both of the bands appear normal.

If I type If("CASI_Noon_III@50" AND "CASI_Noon_III@43", ("CASI_Noon_III@50"-"CASI_Noon_III@43")/("CASI_Noon_III@50"+"CASI_Noon_III@43", 0) only a portion, let's say 10% of the original raster is calculated.

What's happening?!



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