I am using vector tile layer in my Angular project to load ESRI map

const point = {
            type: "point",  // autocasts as new Point()
            longitude: long,
            latitude: lat
const customData = {
    type: "simple-fill", 
    color: red
const circleParam = new esri.Circle({
            center: point,
            radius: circleParams.radius,
            geodesic: true
circle = new esri.Graphic(circleParam, customData);

goToCircle(map, circle): void {
        const circleExtent = circle.geometry.extent;
            .catch(function(error) {
                if (error.name != "AbortError") {

But im getting error as name: 'view:goto-interrupted', message: 'Goto was interrupted'

I am loading Map using Vector Tile layer

layer = new esri.VectorTileLayer(layerUrl, null);

The same circle creation is working fine when map created in Tile layer.



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