The vector Tile come from geoserver. I want to get the id when I click it and use it to send WFST to geoserver (WFST requires fid).

                var vectorTileOptions = {
                    LayerName: Layer.NAME,
                    layerImg: Layer.IMG,
                    rendererFactory: L.svg.tile,
                    tms: true,
                    interactive: true,
                    getFeatureId: function (f) {
                        return f.id;
                    vectorTileLayerStyles: {
                        [Layer.STYLENAME]: Layer.STYLE
                var vectorTileLayer = new L.vectorGrid.protobuf(Layer.URL, vectorTileOptions).addTo(FeatureGroup);
                vectorTileLayer.on('click', (e) => {
                    this.latlng = e.latlng
                    console.log(f.id)//do something
                    var properties = e.layer.properties;
                    var popupcontent = this.getPopupContent(properties)
                    L.popup({ className: 'featurePopup' })
  • Instead of logging f.id on layer click (which does not exist, since f does not exist there), log e.layer.id. That should be feature id you are looking for.
    – TomazicM
    Jan 12 at 22:04


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