I'm following the steps in The lidRbook Chapter 7.1 to get tree tops. I want to plot the tree tops and point cloud data as illustrated in the book, however, I want to use lidRviewer as it runs much smoother than rgl.

My point cloud dataset is a LAS file and my tree tops are a sf. Is this possible? We can use the example data from the book to test. Please note you need to install both OpenGL and the SDL libraries before installing lidRviewer.

#run on the command line 
sudo apt-get install libsdl-dev freeglut3-dev

###in r

LASfile <- system.file("extdata", "MixedConifer.laz", package="lidR")
las <- readLAS(LASfile, select = "xyzr", filter = "-drop_z_below 0")
chm <- rasterize_canopy(las, 0.5, pitfree(subcircle = 0.2))
plot(las, bg = "white", size = 4)
ttops <- locate_trees(las, lmf(ws = 5))

plot(chm, col = height.colors(50))
plot(sf::st_geometry(ttops), add = TRUE, pch = 3)

#this section is what I want to change to run with lidRviewer
x <- plot(las, bg = "white", size = 4)
add_treetops3d(x, ttops)

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I'm citing the readme of the lidRviewer package

Can only display point clouds. No other feature. This is only a point cloud displayer so not intended as a replacement for rgl.

In short, it is not possible. rgl is awesome, and you can guess that a little inactive project like lidRviewer won't replace it.

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