I am wanting to pull some data from an OData endpoint, and create layers based on the content, with a Python script.

I have grabbed the data and formatted it, but can't find the correct function to create the geometry from it.

Data is structurally the same as Sample GeoJSON

Where I am stuck is the line

geometry = QgsGeometry.fromGeoJson(json.dumps(feature['geometry']))

as there is no ".fromGeoJSON" function.

Is there a function in another class, or do I need to convert to WKT or something else first?

Relevant code section below.

# Create a layer for each feature
for feature in layerData["features"]:
layer_name = f"Layer_{feature['properties']['anomaly']}"

# Create a memory layer with polygon geometry type
layer = QgsVectorLayer('Polygon?crs=EPSG:4326', layer_name, 'memory')

# Define fields based on properties
fields = QgsFields()
for key, value in feature['properties'].items():
    field = QgsField(key, QVariant.String)


# Add the feature to the layer
geometry = QgsGeometry.fromGeoJson(json.dumps(feature['geometry']))
new_feature = QgsFeature()

for key, value in feature['properties'].items():
    new_feature.setAttribute(key, value)


# Add the layer to the project

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What you are looking for is QgsJsonUtils.geometryFromGeoJson. However, you should be able to save some lines of code by creating a vector layer directly from the GeoJSON string:

layer = QgsVectorLayer(json.dumps(layerData), layer_name, 'memory')

Then, to create a separate layer for each feature you can use the Split Vector Layer algorithm native:splitvectorlayer, passing 'anomaly' as the field to split by.

  • The method "geometyFromGeoJson" is not present in my install (QGIS v3.32.2 & Python 3.9.5) despite it showing in the docs. The other alternative you suggested takes a file path as its first argument, AFIK there is no way to pass an object (or array of objects) directly. Commented Jan 21 at 10:18
  • No, the first argument is a JSON string, dumped from a JSON object. I've used it directly with a json http response and it works
    – Andre Geo
    Commented Jan 22 at 11:38

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