I have a DEM/grid with elevation values that's patchy and I have linear features crossing these areas. What I wanted to do is to measure the min and max elevation points falling along the line.

My approach was to sample the line at a given sample rate and create point features, then get the elevation of this line of points from the DEM/grid, but how can I know look to those points to get min and max points only?

Then how I want to proceed is to copy min and max values as an attribute to the line I have, I think this can be done using ID's?

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    Are you asking how the min() and max() expression work, or how to use the statistics tool?
    – Erik
    Jan 24 at 8:27

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you can use the field-calculator to extract min and max value into a new field of your line layer with the following type of expression - example for max value, same for min value with array_min:


this makes a series of points anlong the line - every 10 meters in the example above - and then gets the rastervalues from the layer "dem" and put them into an array...

  • I'll have a try with your suggestion, still a rookie with writing expression. However, after several attempts I managed to get the following solution: 1) get a unique ID on each line
    – Oli88
    Jan 25 at 10:15

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