I am using ArcGIS Pro.

How do I identify values in raster cells while there is a polygon or another raster layer on top with the Explore-tool?

I don't need to select any values, and I also don't need a table or another layer with the values. I need to identify individual values by clicking. Example use cases would be

  1. if I need to see a study area boundaries (polygon) on top of a raster layer and identify a few cell values on the fly, or
  2. if I have a raster layer, that has no-value cells, on top and I need to know the cell values in the raster below exactly where the no-value cells are, and not all of them, only in a small area.

I know that saving a polygon as a line would be one way but I'm interested in learning a way to do this without changing the layers (keeping them as polygons and rasters).

I have tried the Clip Layers and Clip to an outline -tool in the Map Properties to solve the problem #1 but it doesn't work when I still want to see all the data outside the study area. I have also tried using the List by Selection and unselecting the layer on top and then selecting Selectable Layers from the Explore-tool, but the tool doesn't give me any values in this case (Identifying-window pops up but nothing after it).

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Click the dropdown arrow that's part of the Explore tool button n the ribbon and change the popup option to either:

  • Visible Layers — Only layers currently visible return pop-ups.
  • Selected in Contents — Only layers currently selected in the Contents pane return pop-ups.

enter image description here

You can also change the polygon layer symbology to remove the fill and show just the polygon borders.

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