I am in the middle progress of building a webgis that utilize python Flask as backend and Leaflet to build the maps. I can still manage until the step where I implemented the vanilla Leaflet and just show the maps (without the plugins).

For adding further Leaflet capabilities like drawing polygon/polyline/upload shapefile, what I understand is I need to install Leaflet Plugin (https://leafletjs.com/plugins.html#edit-geometries) such as Leaflet Draw (https://github.com/Leaflet/Leaflet.draw).

I need this functionality in order to store the polygon or the shapefile into a database (to implement Create Read Update Delete functionalities) where I have chosen PostgreSQL for this purpose.

The installation for Leaflet Draw seem to depends on npm package installer which I dont think it can be used for Python, and this means my backend is going to be with nodeJS, at least from what I understand. My questions:

  1. Could such installation of the Leaflet Plugins possible for Python based framework?
  2. or if it is not, are there any alternative workaround? I was considering OpenLayers but also unable to figure out installation for Python based framework

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if you want to use leaflet-draw in python, maybe you should use datasette-leaflet-freedraw enter link description here

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