I have created a circle which I am trying to intersect with a geodataframe as follows:

circle_gdf=gpd.GeoDataFrame(geometry= [circle])

joinCircle = gpd.sjoin(left_df=circle_gdf, right_df=transactions,  how="left", predicate="intersects")

My aim is to find all transactions that intersects with the circle. The result gives me a geodataframe which contains only the geometry of the circle which is:

POLYGON ((33.58429 -7.62047, 33.58426 -7.62053...

I get no right geometries at all. I am sure there is intersection somewhere. Is there another method of intersecting and checking the result?


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You need to set a crs when you create the circle df:

circle_gdf=gpd.GeoDataFrame(geometry=[circle], crs=????)

You are doing a left join (how="left"), so (only) the geometry of the left_df, so the circle, is retained in the output as explained in the documentation of the how parameter here.

If I understand you correctly, you want to know the geometries of the transactions that intersect the circle. So you need to do an inner join (how="inner") with the transactions as left_df and the circle as right_df to get this result:


transactions_in_circle = gpd.sjoin(
  • i already tried inner join but the output is empty dataframe
    – bravopapa
    Jan 31 at 10:34

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