In ArcGIS Pro I have created a map, I also have 3 layouts in the project and I want to use the same map in all of the layouts, but at different scales.

For example, one layout is an overview (1:250K), one is midrange (1:25K), and the other is detailed site map (1:1K), all use the same layers and symbology but each layout would have specific layers turned on or off, such as turning off a mapsheet grid on the detailed site layout but having it on for the overview.

I can get the same map into each layout but it seems to have a set scale at the map level that persists across all layouts, so the symbology does not adjust to suit the different layout scales.

Can this work this way or do I have to make a separate map for each layout and copy/paste the layers from one map to the others and then set each's scale differently?



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