In QGIS I am using the "BreederMap" plugin to define the layout of a large wheat field trial with 10m2 plots. Unfortunately, the lines are not exactly straight (sowing done without GPS and steering)

I would like to be able to move my individual polygons to arrange for the plots.

Is this possible?

Here is a screenshot of how it looks.

enter image description here


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Make sure the polygon layer is in Editing mode (use the Toggle Editing button on the Digitzing Toolbar, or Layer->Toggle Editing).

enter image description here

Then select the Move Feature tool from the Advanced Digitizing Toolbar. If you can't see it, enable the toolbar under View->Toolbars->Advanced Digitizing Toolbar

enter image description here

Then you can click on a polygon, move the cursor, and click again to drop.

enter image description here

[ There is a similar answer in a now closed question: Can't move polygons in QGIS ]

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