I am trying to convert a .las file into mbtiles. Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Convert .las file into .tif in cloud compare.
  2. Reproject the .tif file with gdalwarp.
  3. Creating the tif file into different zoom level with gdaladdo command: gdaladdo -r average cloud.tif 2 4 8 16
  4. Convert the .tif file into mbtiles with gdal_translate: gdal_translate -outsize 512 512 cloud.tif cloud1.mbtiles -co NAME=ortho -co QUALITY=100 -co ZOOM_LEVEL_STRATEGY=AUTO -co TILE_FORMAT=PNG -co WRITE_BOUNDS=YES -of MBTILES
  5. The zoom_level for the resultant .mbtiles is fixed and I got only one zoom_level 23

I want different zoom levels, for example, 12-24 I tried to make different zoom level for the .mbtiles file as well with the command gdaladdo -r average cloud1.mbtiles 2 4 8 16, but getting the error message:

ERROR 6: zoom_level > 22 not supported

What is wrong?

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There is a hardcoded limit of z22 in the GDAL MBTiles driver that affects some operations. See this bug report https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/issues/3126

The GeoPackage raster driver supports now zoom levels up to 29 or 30. See commit https://github.com/OSGeo/gdal/commit/d6dd4dc9b147af8871b97c63cc3dcda16a398987. This option is only available in the development version (3.9) at the moment. If you can use GeoPackage instead of MBTiles this could be on option.

  • Thanks. If I want to make the zoom level 22 or lower, can I do it in gdal_translate?
    – Tahmid
    Commented Feb 8 at 22:17
  • At the moment I fear not. The MBTiles driver does have a maxzoom option, but it is only for vector tiles gdal.org/drivers/raster/mbtiles.html. But if you are very lucky then using ZOOM_LEVEL_STRATEGY=LOWER may turn the automatically selected 23 into 22.
    – user30184
    Commented Feb 9 at 7:15

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