I have an attribute table containing information about area, region, and samples. The table structure resembles the example shown below:

enter image description here

My goal is to automate the generation of IDs when adding new point features to my layer (similar to this). I plan to achieve this using the 'Default value' feature in the attributes form of the layer properties.

The desired pattern for generating IDs is as follows:

  • Group the data by the columns 'area', 'region', and 'sample'.
  • Identify the maximum number of items within each group and increment this number by 1.
  • Pad the resulting number to four positions with leading zeroes.

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You can try the following expression for the default value in the form:

"area" || '-' ||  "region" ||'-' ||  "sample" || '-'  || 
     array_agg(expression:="area" || "region" || "sample",
     group_by:= ("area" || "region" || "sample"))) + 1, 4 ,0)
  • Nice! I had the different chunks setup individually, but did not know how to combine them. Works perfectly, thanks!
    – Fjedsen
    Commented Feb 14 at 7:43

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