I Have the following code in Google Earth Engine:

// Add a 500 meret buffer to the gridpoints
var gridpointsBuffered = gridpoints.map(function(feature) {
 return feature.buffer(500); // 500 meter buffer

// Add the feature collections and buffered gridpoints to the map
Map.addLayer(gridpointsBuffered, {color: 'FF0000', opacity: 0.5}, 'Buffered Grid Points');
Map.addLayer(gridpoints, {color: 'FF0000'}, 'Original Grid Points');
Map.addLayer(water, {color: '0000FF'}, 'Water Bodies');   

How can I calculate the intersecting area between grid point buffers and water polygons in Google Earth Engine for each buffer separately and store the area value in each buffer's properties?

enter image description here

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Use a map to apply the following steps to each buffer:

  1. Calculate the intersection of the two geometries with ee.Feature.intersection.
  2. Calculate the area (in square meters) of the intersection with ee.Feature.area.
  3. Store the area as a property using ee.Feature.set.

In code, you should be able to do something like:

// Map over each buffer, calculating and setting the intersection area
var gridpointsBufferedArea = gridpointsBuffered.map(function(buffer) {
  var intersection = buffer.intersection(water);
  var area = intersection.area();
  return buffer.set("intersection_area", area);

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