I have a polygonised output of a raster file but need to add the raster filename to the attribute table of the polygon (vector) file. I can do this manually using the command 'base_layer_name' but I have many individual raster files and therefore need to automate this process within a model.

I am using the modeler within QGIS. I have a folder containing approx. 1000 raster files that I need to create individual polygons for further vector analysis (overlap, union etc.) with other polygons. I need to insert the filename of the raster into the attribute table of the polygon so that I can maintain the identity of the source data when outputs are created.


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You can use Export layers(s) information to create a polygon layer of the raster extent with attributes like:

  • Raster layer name
  • Raster source

Then intersect this with your polygonized raster layer to add the columns to your polygonized raster:

enter image description here


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